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Alcohol volume
38% vol.
rectified ethyl alcohol from food raw materials “Lux”, corrected drinking water, sugar syrup, aromatic alcohol of rye rusks, alcoholized infusion of oregano herb, lemon balm and linden flowers, complex food supplement “Neutral emulsion”.
Taste characteristics
Transparent white in color, aroma with honey, floral and spicy flavors.

Serve slightly chilled. It works well as an aperitif.
The Russian character

The history of liqueurs goes back to Old Russian times. Once bitter liqueurs based on medicinal herbs were used as a drug and they were considered to be curative. Over time, more and more types of homemade liqueurs were emerging, in particular, those based on berries and fruit, and it became customary to consume them not only for treating ailments and diseases, but also on holidays, during feasts.

The taste and aroma of “Tula Strong” reminds of summer flowery meadows and wild grasses of Russian fields. Rye rusks in the composition give a pleasant delicate bitterness in the aftertaste.

“Tula Strong” is a liqueur with the Russian character!

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