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Alcohol volume
40% vol.
corrected drinking water, rectified ethyl alcohol from food raw materials “Lux”, sugar syrup, alcoholized infusion of sunflower seeds, alcoholized infusion of flax seeds.
Taste characteristics

Crystal-clear in color, a balanced soft taste, classical aroma.

Gastronomic recommendations: serve well-chilled. It works well with cold and hot starters: pickles, mushrooms, jellied meat, meat and fish dishes. It can also be served with main hot dishes and traditional soups: cabbage soup, beet-root soup, and pickle soup.

Russian traditions

“Okoshko na okolitse” is vodka made according to traditional Russian recipes, for a hearty feast with your near and dear ones.

“Okoshko na okolitse”.
With love for Russian traditions

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Interesting facts
  • The term "vodka" was officially established in the decree of Elizabeth I of June 8, 1751. Before that, the drink was called "bread wine", "polugar", "samogon", etc.
  • The first known prototype of vodka was created by the Persian chemist and doctor Ar-Razi in the tenth century.
  • There also exists a black vodka. It is produced in UK under the Blavod brand name. Except for its unusual color, it absolutely does not differ from an ordinary vodka neither in its properties, nor in terms of taste.