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Alcohol volume
40% vol.
grain distillate from cereals, corrected drinking water.


Color - glass-clear with shine.
Aroma - strong, intense, with tones of freshly baked bread.
Flavour - full, slightly oily, followed by bread tones, long pleasant aftertaste with a note of rye bread crust.

Classic Russian moonshine

Moonshine (samogon) «Pronskiy» is a traditional Russian drink. From time out of mind, our ancestors brewed a strong drink for personal use and treating welcome guests, rather than for sale.
Almost every household used to have its own recipe for moonshine, kept secret and carefully passed down from generation to another.
In the course of time, moonshine is real trend in the Russian alcohol market, not just a tribute to age-old traditions. More and more compatriots are taking interest in this Russian traditional drink.
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    The Pronskaya collection includes: vodka, Russian traditional drinks - moonshine and horseradish vodka, bitters - mead and pepper flavoured honey.