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Да Нет

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Alcohol volume
40% vol.
rectified ethyl alcohol “Lux”, corrected drinking water, alcoholized infusion of peppermint leaves, aromatic anise spirit, natural honey.
Taste characteristics
Crystal-clear in color, a balanced classical taste, with a delicate flavor of honey, mint and anise.

Serve well-chilled to 8-10°С. It works well with cold and hot starters: red and black caviar, fish starters, mushroom and meat dishes. Can also be served with main hot dishes.

The combination of fire and icy calm brings the horizons closer. An iron will overcomes any storm. ICE CLAW is a modern saga about inner strength. Refreshing anise and mint flavors on the palate take us to the harsh northern winters and make us feel the contrasting combination of blistering coolness.

ICE CLAW - it's a modern saga about inner strength.

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