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Да Нет

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Alcohol volume
40% vol.
rectified ethyl alcohol “Lux”, corrected drinking water, sugar syrup, alcoholized infusion of wheat rusks, alcoholized infusion of rice.
Taste characteristics
Crystal-clear in color, a balanced classical taste.

Serve well-chilled. It works well with cold and hot starters: pickles, mushrooms, jellied meat, meat and fish dishes. It can also be served with main hot dishes and traditional soups: cabbage soup, beet-root soup, and pickle soup.
Morning by the lake

The elegant, sophisticated shape of the bottle harmoniously complemented by the laconic design of the label with a mirror reflection in the water, the calm color scheme and the absence of any catchy details depicts the image of a quiet morning far away from the bustle we are accustomed to. The landscape of a foggy morning by the lake is pacifying; it is likely to carry you away into the world of dreams.

Tumanovka Classic and Tumanovka Soft is exquisite vodka for aesthetes

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