Sky-high tasting, tandem of whiskey with Fabergé and alcohol statistics - we will tell you what February will be remembered for.

Sky-high tasting. Aeroflot will organize tasting and the film premier on the festive flight on the 8th of March.

High above the clouds you will be able to drink wine and enjoy the premiere of the In the Wine Reflection thematic film in the presence of its director Vitaly Muzychenko.

The flight will take place in the evening of the 8th of March. Aeroflot's flagship aircraft, Airbus A350, will take off from Moscow, proceed to Krasnodar, and then turn around in the air and return to Sheremetyevo.

Eggs with Whiskey for $2 million

Fabergé jewelry has teamed up with The Craft Irish Whiskey Co. to release an exclusive Emerald Isle Collection set that includes two bottles of a rare 30-year-old whiskey and Fabergé's Celtic Egg.

The unique set was presented at a private auction in Houston. The walnut tree box holds two bottles of the rare 30-year-old Irish whiskey; a Celtic Faberge egg and a custom-made watch; a humidor with two Cohiba Siglo VI Grand Reserve cigars; a gold-plated cigar knife; a gold-plated water pipette; obsidian whiskey stones; a flask with a sample of Emerald Isle whiskey; and a decanter filled with Irish spring water from the same region in which the whiskey is produced.

The legal vodka consumption increased by 2% in 2020

In Russia, the consumption of legal vodka increased by 2% upto 4.9 liters per capita in 2020, but the sale of sparkling wine, champagne and premium alcohol increased by 15% on average.

The calculations were made according to the state alcohol control system the USAIS (the Unified State Automated Information System) and according to the population in Russia as of the 1st of January, 2021.