The choice of drinks on board the plane. Survey results.

OneTwoTrip the travel planning service has found out what passengers prefer to drink during the flight:

1) Wine, champagne — 58.1%

2) Strong alcohol — 33.7%

3) Beer — 24.4%

4) Almost never buy alcohol — 9.7%

It should be acknowledged, that if the alcohol is distributed for free, then 20.9% of respondents would not refuse to have it.

Space Bordeaux. Tasting after the space journey.

12 bottles of Bordeaux wine went into space aboard the SpaceX Dragon spacecraft and arrived on Earth after a year on the ISS. This experiment was a part of the research project led by Space Cargo Unlimited, with the participation of the Wine Institute of the University of Bordeaux, ISVV.

The "cargo" was delivered to France for the analysis to be performed by the ISVV group, after which a tasting took place. Its participants noted that the "space wine" was magnificent, but felt older by a couple of years.