In the early March 2021 the Tula Distillery will present new products with a non-standard approach to the recipe.

Gin is an alcohol extracted by double or continuous distillation, flavored with juniper cones and other plant ingredients.

We have preserved the traditional nature of this drink, but added something to BEATLY that made it unique, revealing the character.

Beatly classic London dry - life with a spice

Do miss drive in your life?

This gin belongs to the London dry type, it is usually used for making cocktails. The infusion of juniper berries in шеы composition is balanced and supplemented with cinnamon, coriander, citrus and allspice.

Beatly Pink is a traditional gin with a Russian accent

How did the drink from England get a Russian touch?

We added the tincture of cranberries and raspberries, traditional for Russia, thereby opening up new opportunities for experimenting with a combination of flavors.

Beatly Botanical is a gin that will surprise you

Do alcohol trends exist?

This gin reflects the global trend for natural vegetable ingredients.

You will feel flavors of thyme, mint, leaves of cherry, currant and green tea. We should note that the herbal notes of the drink open up unlimited opportunities for the most daring mixes.