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Alcohol volume
40% vol.
corrected drinking water, ethyl rectified from food raw materials “Lux”, alcoholized infusion of cranberries and raspberries, aromatic spirit of juniper berries, sugar syrup.
Taste characteristics
Crystal-clear in color, a balanced dry taste, characteristic aroma and a flavor of juniper with subtle berry notes, a delicate berry aftertaste.

Serve well-chilled. May be consumed neat, diluted with tonic or citrus juice, as well as in cocktails. Gin in its pure form and in cocktails based on it works well with starters of uncooked smoked sausage, raw cured meat, and noble varieties of cheeses. When diluted, gin works well with desserts.
Fresh, bold, versatile

As early as in the 11th century, monks in English monasteries used to prepare a drink similar to gin – they mixed up the distillation product of wine with juniper oil and used it as a medicine. But gin owes its popularity to the Dutch, it was they who started to produce and distribute it throughout Europe very actively in the 16th century. The history of gin has known the periods of incredible ups and dramatic downs – one day it was a universal favorite, another day it seemed to be forgotten for many centuries to come.

Today gin is in fashion again. Fresh, daring, versatile! The refreshing juniper flavor is an excellent base for cocktails, so gin is popular both at big fun parties and in chamber speak easy bars.

Beatly Botanical reflects the global trend for natural herbal ingredients. Thanks to its unique taste enriched with the flavor of thyme, mint, cherry, currant and green tea leaves, Beatly Botanical is popular both in its pure form and as the basis for daring signature cocktails. Herbal notes in the gin flavor open up endless possibilities for mixologists.

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