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Alcohol volume
38% vol.
corrected drinking water, rectified ethyl alcohol «Lux», sugar syrup, alcoholized horseradish infusion with cardamom, coriander, sweet pepper, aromatic horseradish alcohol, natural honey.

Color - translucent opal, with a light golden straw tint.
Aroma - bright, recognizable, typical for this drink with a combination of horseradish zest, fragrant tones of cardamom and coriander.
Flavour - fresh, spicy and zest, followed by the tones of horseradish and spices and pleasant honey warming aftertaste.
Special spicy taste

«Pronskaya Khrenovukha» is a traditional Russian drink made from natural ingredients, designed on the basis of the old recipes. The «alphabet» – people in kitchens and pantries making drinks with the names starting with every letter of the Cyrillic alphabet – was a trend of the mid-19th century. The letter «Kh» was traditionally used for a horseradish roots bitter. Spicy and piquant, it was especially popular as an accompaniment to starters and hot plates. This is exactly what «Pronskaya Khrenovukha» was created. It is perfectly combined with jellied meat, aspic, baked knuckle with sauerkraut, thinly sliced lard with pickled cucumbers and sweet-smelling Borodino bread. The range of gastro combinations of horseradish is endless!
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  • The Pronskaya collection includes: vodka, Russian traditional drinks - moonshine and hrenovuha, bitters - mead and pepper flavoured honey.
  • A special feature of the drinks in the Pronskaya collection is their gastronomic character, as people made a special focus on the art of combining strong drinks and meals as early as in the days of the Pronskiy princes.