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Alcohol volume
38% vol.
corrected drinking water, rectified ethyl alcohol «Lux», sugar syrup, alcoholized infusion oregano, thyme, cinnamon, peppermint, natural flower honey, food flavoring «Honey», coloring agent – caramel color E150a.

Color - golden honey with a beautiful amber tint.
Aroma - bright, sophisticated, combining rich tints of fresh floral honey with spicy shades of thyme, cinnamon, and peppermint.
Flavour – full body, round on the palate, with a harmonious combination of honey sweetness, spicy piquancy and freshness with a tart and slightly bitter honey-peppery aftertaste.
Harmonious honey taste
For several centuries, aged, matured, princes’ meads were the main drinks of the Russian sovereigns (boyars) and royal feast. Different herbs and spices were added to hop honey for the best taste. Every courtyard used to have its own recipe, and it was even more special in the princes’ chambers. “Pronskaya Mead” is designed on the basis of the old recipes. Thanks to the combination of natural flower honey and herbs, “Pronskaya Mead” has a wide gastronomic potential. It would give a good contrast combined with spicy, savory meals in almost any cuisine.
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  • The Pronskaya collection includes: vodka, Russian traditional drinks - moonshine and hrenovuha, bitters - mead and pepper flavoured honey.
  • A special feature of the drinks in the Pronskaya collection is their gastronomic character, as people made a special focus on the art of combining strong drinks and meals as early as in the days of the Pronskiy princes.