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Alcohol volume
35% vol.
Blended aged whiskey distillate (aged grain and malt distillates, aging period 3 years), corrected drinking water, sugar syrup, natural Butter Toffee flavor, natural Vanilla flavor, alcoholized cinnamon infusion, nutmeg infusion, cocoa infusion, maple syrup, dye - sugar color (E150a).
Taste characteristics
The color of Noble Stag Spiced is rich, warm, amber-candy, with a deep hint of freshly brewed tea. The aroma envelops with a sweet spicy cloud, it has a whole palette of warm shades: vanilla, cream, salted caramel, chocolate toffee, cinnamon, cashew. 
Over time, when opening, the base notes of whiskey appear, a little cooler and sharper: pear strudel, caramelized apples, oak. The taste of the drink is velvety, soft, enveloping, with continued tones of cream and toffee, maple pecan, spicy hot chocolate flavored with nutmeg. The aftertaste is of medium duration, soft, warming, with a touch of cream, creme brulee and a fresh, slightly bitter stone note.
Gastronomic recommendations
The drink is ideal in its pure form as a digestif, it is better to serve it at room temperature or slightly chilled - up to 18-20 ° C.
It will make an excellent pair of assorted nuts and delicate, not very sweet desserts: tiramisu, chocolate Napoleon, brownies, fondant, cheesecake, coffee and berry mousses. 
The bright warm aroma and mild taste of Noble Stag Spiced allow it to be used as an ingredient in a variety of alcoholic cocktails. And a teaspoon of spiced whiskey added to a cappuccino or latte will turn your cup of coffee into an exquisite delicacy.
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