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Alcohol volume
38% vol.
corrected drinking water, rectified ethyl alcohol «Lux», alcoholized infusion of vegetable collection (St. John's wort grass, sweet tooth grass, oregano grass), sugar syrup, aromatic alcohol from red pepper, alcoholized infusion of peppermint, alcoholized infusion of red pepper, natural flower honey, food flavoring «Honey», coloring agent – caramel color E150a.

Color - honey-amber with a golden tint.
Aroma - spicy-honey with hints of flower honey, peppermint, and field herbs.
Flavour - sophisticated, round, spicy, with a typical bitterness of red pepper and warm honey-peppery aftertaste.
Spicy taste
It is not known for certain when exactly honey and pepper first met in the Russian culinary tradition, but this meeting undoubtedly took place at the royal court. Honey has always been one of the main export goods of Russia and arrived in abundance in the capital of the Muscovite kingdom from wild-honey farmers who extracted the cherished sweetness in the forests along the banks of the rivers in the Tambov, Tula, and Ryazan lands. People in Russia first got red «Chinese» pepper with caravans of merchants travelling through Persia and Turkey during the reign of the first tsars from the Romanov dynasty. This seasoning cost a lot and, like everything most expensive and rare, was first presented to the royal court. The unusually peppery taste at first established only in combination with other spices and sweet honey - a little pepper was added to traditional strong honey «to heighten the one’s appetite». The recipe did not get widespread at that time, because due to the unusual taste, rarity and high cost of the Chinese pepper, it was available only to the grand ducal court. But references to it have survived in recipes from the 17th-18th centuries. The secret was not to make the drink sickeningly sweet and pungent; spice, pungency and honey sweetness had to create a special balance. This is exactly what «Pronskaya Pepper &honey» was created.
Where to buy:
  • The Pronskaya collection is the result of a complex and meticulous collaboration of researchers of Russian alcohol distillation and process engineers of «Tula alcohol company 1911». The products of the collection are designed on the basis of the old recipes.
  • In 2021, for the 110th anniversary of the distillery established by Bernard, the first Pronskaya drinks collection of the century was created. The historical name, mentioned in several ages of Russia, got a new start.