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Alcohol volume
40% vol.
matured Scotch whisky blended distillate (grain aged and malt aged), rectified drinking water, dye (colour).
Taste characteristics
Deep amber colour, rich, intense flavour, which reveals shades of zest, iris, raisins, cinnamon. Burning and enveloping in taste, with notes of dried fruits and smoky notes in the aftertaste.

Served at a temperature of 18-20°C in tulip or rocks glasses. A great digestif that can be consumed pure, but it is better to just add a little of pure natural water, which will help to open up the flavours of the drink.

Whisky can be served with snacks with smoked salmon, seafood, beef tongue, roast beef. Among cheeses, a goat cheese and a blue cheese will be a harmonious match to this whisky.
A noble drink

Scotch whisky is famous all over the world. The first Scotch whisky was mentioned in the documents of 1494. In the Middle Ages, like many other alcoholic beverages, whisky was produced for medicinal purposes in monasteries. But the drink quickly gained its popularity, and production was mastered by small farms, the number of distilleries increased, many of them today have grown to the production scale of factories.

Tula distillery also began to produce Scotch whisky. The composition of The Noble Stag whisky has been skilfully created by the experienced masters of Hedges & Butler from the selected Scottish malt and grain. The drink is aged for three years in oak barrels, where it matures and enriches its taste. The design of the bottle and The Noble Stag name, which can be translated as "The Red Deer", emphasize the finesse and elegance of the drink.

Noble Stag whisky: for connoisseurs of noble drinks

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