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Alcohol volume
40% vol.
rectified ethyl alcohol from food raw materials “Lux”, corrected drinking water, sugar syrup, alcoholized infusion of forest collection: herbs of bay willow, sage and lingonberry.
Taste characteristics
Crystal-clear in color, a balanced classical taste.

Serve well-chilled. It works well with cold and hot starters: pickles, mushrooms, jellied meat, meat and fish dishes. It can also be served with main hot dishes and traditional soups: cabbage soup, beet-root soup, and pickle soup.
As honest as the north

The Karelian nature fascinates with its pristine beauty and severity. The Penega is a quiet calm river carrying the waters of Karelian lakes to the White Sea. Inspired by the pacifying beauty and charm of the Russian North, the technologists from the Tula Distillery have created Penega Vodka, which has absorbed the flavors and aromas of the Karelian land.

Penega. As pure as a lake. As strong as a rock. As honest as the north.

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Interesting facts
  • Black vodka is produced in the UK under the Blavod brand name. Except for its extraordinary color, the drink does not differ from traditional vodka - neither in taste, nor in smell, nor in strength.
  • The strongest vodka in the world is produced in Scotland at Pincer company distillery. Its strength is 88.8 degrees. Curiously, this vodka is produced for the Chinese market – in China, the number eight is considered a lucky number. The cost of this unusual drink reaches $ 140.
  • Not many people know that there is a vodka museum in Moscow, it is located in the territory of Izmailovsky Kremlin. The museum's collection features more than 1000 types of drinks, vodka recipes of the XVIII century, advertising posters, historical forms of vodka labels and bottles - from shkalik (60 ml) and kosushka (300 ml) to the shtof (1.23 l) and quarter (3.1 l).