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Alcohol volume
40% vol.
corrected drinking water, rectified ethyl alcohol «Lux», sugar syrup, alcoholized infusion of cherry leaf, alcoholized infusion of sweet pepper.

Color - glass-clear, transparent with a beautiful shine.
Aroma - clean, classic for Russian vodkas of this style - grain alcohol and spring water with a light, faint spicy note.
Taste - soft, refreshing, with a piquant vodka bitter taste and long, warming and slightly sweet aftertaste that makes you feel a faint roughness of cherry stones.
Gastro miracle!
Vodka «Pronskaya» is a result of meticulous work of the researchers of Russian alcohol distillation and process engineers of «Tula Alcohol Company 1911». Vodka made from natural ingredients, based on old recipes. Combined with food, «Pronskaya» helps to bring out and deliver the taste of meals from both classic and new Russian cuisine. When changing meals, it clears the taste of the previous meal, dulls the sense of fullness and refreshes. Vodka «Pronskaya» is a real gastro miracle!
Where to buy:
  • The Pronskaya collection includes: vodka, Russian traditional drinks - moonshine and hrenovuha, bitters - mead and pepper flavoured honey.
  • The drinks of the collection are bottled in an original shtof-bottle with an engraving of «Pronskiy» distillery No. 4, established in 1911 by the landlord Ivan Bernard and transformed into «Tula Alcohol Company 1911». Shtof is the most common vessel for storing vodka in the 19th century. Nowadays, shtof is a trendy bottle with a historical note; personification of the culture of drinking, rather than just a vessel for storing alcohol.