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Да Нет

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Alcohol volume
40% vol.
rectified ethyl alcohol “Lux”, corrected drinking water, sugar syrup, alcoholized infusion of black currant twigs and leaves.
Taste characteristics
Сrystal-clear in color, a balanced classical taste.

Serve well-chilled. It works well with cold and hot starters: pickles, mushrooms, jellied meat, meat and fish dishes. It can also be served with main hot dishes and traditional soups: cabbage soup, beet-root soup, and pickle soup.
Vodka – for tough guys only!

The shape, design and name of this classical vodka leave no doubt that it was inspired by the military theme, by the image of doughty defenders of the motherland. The strict laconic shape of the bottle resembles an officer who has stretched out into an immaculate upright position after being called to attention.

“Starley”. The victory is where we are!

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